Edge Program


Take your training to an advanced level.
Edge Program is for the committed martial artist. This program focuses on weapons training, advanced sparring, ground fighting, and rolling and falling techniques. This is an exclusive club at Red Tiger for those who definitely have a black belt as their goal.


  • Recommendation from a leadership member, a black belt instructor or staff member
  • Demonstrates qualities of “black belt excellence” in and out of the school
  • At least a yellow belt
  • Excellent attendance
  • For Kids and Teens
  • Good grades in school
  • Parental permission
  • Black Belt Club application
  • 1 extra class per week



  • Discounts on testings, seminars, and camps
  • Complete set of sparring gear set
  • Black heavy-weight uniform
  • Weapons manual/student hand book
  • Advanced training (1 extra class per week)
  • Discount on pro shop purchases

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